Vancouver, CA

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Scott Morgan, originally from Vancouver, is an artist who needs no introduction. He launched Loscil in 1998 while a member of the multimedia collective Multiplex. Since that time, Loscil has put out four discs on the Chicago-based Kranky label: Triple Point (2001), Submers (2002), First Narrows (2004) and Plume (2006). He’s also been part of several compilations, including Idol Tryouts on Ghostly International, released a vinyl-only EP on New Zealand label Involve records, and has a Web-only disc available from one, a net label.

Loscil’s reputation as a purveyor of ambient and IDM has been cemented through appearances at the Mutek, Decibel and New Forms festivals. His most recent outing, Plume, draws the listener into a discreetly profound, low-key downtempo realm, populated by velvety smooth long-delay synth-pad textures.