Toronto, CA

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Jeff Lee, the man behind Minisystem, was living in the UK when he first became interested in electronic music. A fervor for vinyl record collecting led him to explore sampling and digital synthesis. Several false starts in that medium, however, led to a decision to make music using analog instruments only. Lee is also an obsessive collector of analog synths and drum machines, which fill the studio where he records all his songs. Returning to his native Toronto in 2003, he dropped the Minisystem bomb on the city’s unsuspecting public.

His contemporary electronica – beautiful, gentle, fragile and minimal – is grounded in period technology, a warm all-analog sound that quotes pioneers of the genre like Kraftwerk and even the burbly organ intro to The Who’s Baba O’Riley. Minisystem’s first and thus far only disc, Madingley, was released on Noise Factory Records in October 2006.