MUTEK Montreal 2007

London, UK

Skull Disco

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Shackleton belongs to the community of dubsteppers that emerged out of London's FWD>> Club, where many say the scene first began.  But Shackleton is a unique dubstepper in that he draws on his intimate knowledge of African culture to shape his music.  His tracks are remarkable for their minimal, often industrial-leaning approach to dub aesthetics, qualities which have opened his work to minimal techno masterminds like Ricardo Villalobos, who began dropping Shackleton tracks into his DJ sets last year and recently remixed Blood On Your Hands into an 18-minute minimal epic.

Shackleton began releasing singles in 2004 and quickly moved on to start his own label, Skull Disco, which draws its name from the rituals of a tribe in Cameroon.  After a half-dozen singles on Skull Disco, Shackleton has gained a reputation for reactionary politics and a morbid sense of humour (track titles include Soundboy's Nuts Get Ground Up Proper, I Want to Eat You, Hamas Rules, Soundboy's Ashes Get Chopped Up and Snorted, etc), as well as their compulsive beatscapes.